Night Session 1


Its great to work at night when the weather is nice. Throw on some jams and start blocking.

Tonight I continued the process on the rear fenders and doors. Its been about a month since I had some quality time on my 56. The weather today in So Cal was 85! Tonight is just right.

I used some 3M dry guide coat to check for low spots. Used 80 grit with a long Dura-block. Not much pressure just let it flow. Crossing one way then the other. I like three times. If needed applied some Evercoat Metal Glaze Ultra. That stuff works great!

Next sand up to 180 then shoot more high build primer. Block one last time before sanding up to 600 and paint.

Here are a few pics.






Spent a little more time the following night, with a little help from a friend. Working the door jams.

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