Project List


It’s always to make a list and check it twice. This is the best way i have found to keep track of things on this project. Just like using sandwich bags for nuts and bolts and labeling parts these things will help you get things back together. It’s also a good idea to keep track of things you bought I noticed since I bought ahead on some ideas I forgot about them and almost ordered again. We all get busy so make good notes..

My Project List

(I will add hyperlinks to images please stand by)

Cab Mods Done (1-8, I will Hyperlink once I upload picture and text)

1. Rounded door corners, 2. Smoothed dash, 3. No seams, 4. No air vent, 5. Tilt column and chrome, 6. No drip rail, 7. Smooth Firewall, 8. Altman Easy Latches.

Done – Widen 3″ rear fender. (“Jimmy the fender bender” from SG PUL Chapter did the widening , I did the bodywork and paint)

Done – Mustang 20 gallon gas tank into rear frame rails.

Done  – Taken off hood badges

Done – Smoothed tail gate

Done – Curved rear bed post

Done – Rear roll pan

After paint LED lights rear and front turn signals

Done  – Tilted rear bed

After paint – Lincoln tail lights in rear fenders

Paint (Body Canyon Dusk Copper Metallic ) Dash and interior Shoreline Beige 1301

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