Vendors used


I will list out the vendors I have used when buying parts. I’ve received nothing in return by posting this info its more for your information on who I used.

Technology it great. I have ordered most of my stuff using my cell phone through apps. I still use the old fashion catolog to browse the pages and write down item numbers. This helped me when I went online to order. I did find most vendors sell from their sites andist items on eBay and Amazon. I didn’t see a big difference in prices but I figured out they are just trying to get more business by marketing their items everywhere. Better for us I guess.

Building 53 to 56 F100 you pretty much order every swinging parts you needed from a few places. Some sell to each other so be wise to that. The one thing bring in a truck club does is educates you on who the vendors are and who makes what. Plus if your going to do something to your truck you can bet it’s been done before and one of the club members has already done it or know of someone who has. But its your truck and your style of doing something that will make it a little different and interesting to talk about with the guys.

I found Mid-fifty to have the best selection and the most knowledgeable staff. Even their catalogs have suggestions in them if you want to lower your truck, which items you will need to get it done.

I also would use eBay to sell parts I didn’t want and deposit monies into my PayPal account to buy more parts from eBay or Mid-Fifty.

Amazon is another good place to search for things. Now I did notice some prices were a little cheaper so shop around before you make the purchase.

Eastwood and TCP Global were two other companies I used for paints and sand paper, which is a whole another story.
















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