Getting Started


Looking at the picture of my truck you might say. Why take it a part! Well like all guys out there, we like to take things apart and change things to call it our own. In 2004 I bought this 56 small window pretty much as you see in the picture. It was built mid 80 it has a old school 79 Volare front clip. 1968 390fe (ford-edsel),  C6 trans, Holley 750cfm, Home made Headers, and 8.8 rear end.

Since then,I changed to a 600 Holley cfm, Rebuild C6, Change to Flow Master 40’s, went to a DUI coil pack, rewired complete truck with Painless wiring block and VDO gauges, Euro style headlights, LED rear lights,  down flow style four core Mattson radiator and two 12″ electric fans with shroud, Rear 20gal mustang gas tank in frame rails, tilt chrome column, bear claw door locks, tilt hood, tilt bed, lowered front and rear. Lokar pedal and cabling.      

The way I bought it was a pretty standard setup back in the day for these trucks once the original drive train is removed. Unless a Chevy 350 is used. I’m not much of a fan of putting a Chevy into a Ford. I know many that have and enjoy them but I’m blue through and through so we’ll stick to Henry’s drive train. I will do my best to document with text and pictures of my build. I must say this site is new and I started the re-do in 2012 with the rear fenders being widened and drove the truck with primer fenders until December 2013. And that’s where it all started.


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