Weekend Work


Having a demanding day job, its tough to find time to finish my 56. I got some time in this past weekend starting with Friday night and then Saturday afternoon, and into the night, then Sunday afternoon.

I plan on painting the truck in pieces starting with the dash (since its a different color), then the inner fender wells, under hood, front air defectors, gravel valance.

So I spent some quality time on those items this weekend. All the pieces had couple of coats of primer already, so blocking and filling was the game plan. Here are some of the photos. Oh, I also shot paint on the backside of the tail gate to see how the tuff skin would look.

I plan on working on these items again during the week, after work. I need to sand down the filler and spot prime these pieces. I will post some pics after that. You can catch my pics on Instagram as edsf100 and my page on FB is edsf100.  Have a good week.








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