Cut and Buff Time


It’s been a couple of months since I finished the paint job. My brother-in-law Gene was in Los Angeles on vacation and schooled me in the art of cut and buffing. Gene is a master painter in Chicago and has 33 years of experience at this so I watched and listened to every word. I noticed his confidence and skill, you can’t teach that. A simple process that takes time with patience to accomplish great results.

This isn’t going to get done in one session plus Gene is on vacation, even though he’s a car guy and would rather be doing this then sight seeing he will do two areas and pass the paper to me to finish later.

First step. Get a Clean bucket with some soapy water. That help with the lubrication of the paper. 3m paper 1500 and 2500 was used here. I need to get some 3000 later.

Before shot. The peel wasn't bad at all so 1500 then 2500 before using the wheel.

Before shot. The pell wasn’t back at all so 1500 then 2500 before using the wheel.


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